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If you’ve been on either side of the job application table you know it can be a stressful and trying time for both employer and applicant, particularly if an employer has a particular skill set and experience requirement in mind. We’ve all heard about people who are looking for talent and almost all the applicants ‘don’t work out’ or ‘aren’t the right fit’.

This can be a frustrating experience for any company owner or HR department and can lead businesses to feel like there’s a lack of talent in the industry.  This isn’t always the case as you know when you go fishing and don’t catch anything, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any fish in the ocean. In that vein, it’s important you look in the right places and use the right enticements to get the talent you not only want but ultimately need. 

It’s much easier to keep what you have than search for something new.

There are many variations of this saying that rings true across many industries / business types and it’s interesting to frame this perspective on your employees, or as we like to call them – your talent, your lifeblood, your business. 

Every employer knows that staff are the engine-room of any business machine and without them, your business fails not only quickly but spectacularly. Given the increasingly transient nature of staffing in the 21st century, talent retention and development is an important part of any smart business plan and should be implemented in a way that gives value to both your business’ bottom line and your staff’s wellbeing and productivity. 

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