Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

Q: Why are you different from other recruiters?

A: TOP People USA invests time to understand your company in order to develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. This approach assists us in identifying the best recruitment and selection techniques to meet your needs and time frames. It is essential that we understand your requirements, culture, and objectives to complete our job successfully.

A: We do not hide our fees on contracting and temporary staffing candidates, and we are transparent about our profits. For example, if you pay us $70hr and we pay the contractor/temporary candidate $50hr, we break down the $20 so you know the cost associated with that candidate. Many of our clients say that nobody ever does this. As with a permanent placement, you should know where every dollar goes. We make this commitment because we are serious about building a trusting relationship.

Q: What guarantee policies do you have in place?

A: We offer a guarantee period between 3 – 12 months depending on the position and required skills.

Q: How do you find your candidates?

A: We employ various methods including:

  • Speaking to our current or previous candidates.
  • Connecting with our contacts through our industry networks.
  • Searching databases that we have access to.
  • Advertising through the web.

Q: What are your expectations of your clients?

A: Communication is the key! We cannot emphasize this enough. The more time we spend with you in the beginning, the better our results will be in the present and future.

We need to understand why you reject proposed candidates. We must hear your feedback, good or bad, so we can learn and improve our selection and interview process.

Keep us updated and move as quickly as possible with your hiring decisions. Remember, good candidates are hard to find and are likely considering multiple opportunities. Delaying may cause them to lose interest and confidence in the business. If candidates do not perceive you are advancing the process, the candidate will move to other opportunities. When a client does not take action within a reasonable time frame, they almost always lose good candidates.

Q: Why do I pay differently on a retained versus a contingent invoice?

A: Retained invoice – The client pays 30% of the estimated recruitment fee up front, then pays another 30% when a candidate short-list is presented, and pays the final balance once a candidate has been placed with the company.

Contingent invoice – The client only pays upon successful placement of a candidate.

Q: What is the benefit in selecting a retained agreement?

A: You probably have heard that the “retained” option will give you a greater commitment from a recruiter. Top People USA is committed to any search you assign to us, whatever invoice method we agree upon. The primary benefits in a retained assignment are less costs and your payments are spread out over installments.

Q: Do you headhunt my staff?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT – this would destroy our relationship and trust.

Q: Will you inform us if one of our staff applies to one of your advertisements?

A: No, we have an obligation to keep that staff member’s status and information confidential. However, your staff member will be informed that you are one of our clients. Then they can decide if they want to proceed.

Q: What process methods do you employ?

A: We guarantee you will NEVER receive a stack of resumes – only potential employees. Our processes include behavioral interviewing, reference checking and an agreed guarantee period.

Q: We are using 5 or more other agencies. Is TOP People USA ok with this?

A: Do you really have the time and energy to work with five or more agencies? When you involve that many it greatly affects the focus and quality of the selection process. We need your time to communicate with us during the overall process. Top People USA requires a commitment from our clients but does not require exclusivity.

Q: If I have conflicts, who should I contact?

A: While we place a great deal of confidence in our team of expert recruiters, and don’t anticipate any problems, please feel free to contact us if a concern should arise. We will do our best to resolve any and all issues in an efficient and professional manner. You can send us a message using the contact form on the Contact Us Page, email us at info@toppeopleusa.com, or get ahold of us by phone in the US at 615.788.1855 or in AUS at 61.7.3073.5125.