If you’re looking for some quick tips on IT interviews, check out this great video! For your convenience, we have also provided the video transcript.

How To Prep For An Interview

Lisa: You have an interview coming up.

Sam: We can help you prepare like a champ.

Lisa: We cannot stress the importance of research enough. You need to take time to research the company before the interview. Find out what their business is all about, how long they’ve been doing it, their challenges and major competitors. This will give you context when you’re answering questions in the interview and also give you ideas about how your skills can contribute to the business.

Sam: You need to be ready to answer a lot of questions about your skill set and why you’d be the best person for the job, so make sure you know your CV. Set aside some time to review the job description, think about your skills and how they match up to the requirements. Make sure you can give some good examples of your relevant skills and some projects you’ve been working on. Feel free to also prepare some notes to take to the interview with you.

Lisa: You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. This is your chance to find out whether the company is a good fit. Have a set of questions prepared that focuses on things you value, such as company culture, team dynamics, and career opportunities. Don’t ask questions about salary, overtime, leave policy, or expense accounts. These can be covered off later.

Sam: Professional dress code is key. Make sure you look and smell good. Plan your outfit beforehand. Make sure everything is clean, and even have a backup option in case of a wardrobe malfunction on the day.

Lisa: Have a clear game plan for interview day. Make sure you know where the venue is, how to get there and consider things like parking and traffic. Plan to arrive early but no more than five minutes before your interview. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, as you don’t want to be rushed on the day.

Lisa: Now that your preparations are done, check out our next video on “How to Ace an Interview“.

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