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p.s. we guarantee the candidates we recruit

We offer a replacement guarantee relevant to the seniority of the position on all candidates. Find more on Our Clients Guarantee page.

What Our Clients Have to Say


TopPeople USA has been our most reliable partner when looking for both development and information technology talent for our Oklahoma City headquarters and our Dallas offices. Our team has been working with Brandon & Top People USA for years and although I have been working with them for just 6 months I have seen the value that this company brings in the steady flow of qualified candidates for some of our most difficult roles. Their success definitely comes from their nationwide reach and their ability to quickly describe the unique qualities of our organization to potential candidates. If you are looking for a partner, I would definitely recommend Top People USA.
14:22 11 Jul 18
Top People helped us find some great staff. They go above and beyond what others, especially the "churn" companies do. They take the time to understand your business AND your team. They strive to find the person who will fit into all aspects of the business and they do it well. They were very successful for us and did it the right way, for the right fee and with the right guarantees. If you want to succeed in building or enhancing your team, then go to Top People. They are exceptional.
Shane C
Shane C
16:48 20 Jun 18
Top People has been a great partner for us. They are very focused, candid and effective. I like working with them because they deliver when they say they will. They also provide great feedback/intel on what it will take to find/hire the people we seek.
David Trainer
David Trainer
21:51 20 Jun 18
I started working with Brandon Sentell of People USA back in 2016 when I was with a firm based in San Francisco, CA. The position I was seeking was very forensic in that I needed a client facing, uber technical solutions architect based in the Northeast. I had already been engaging with contracted recruitment firms that touted national reach, but the candidate results were weak. Brandon scheduled a time to meet with me, asked me to write up a detailed job description and then after two more brief discussions he sent me (3) candidates for review. I interviewed (2) of them, made an offer to one of them and had the position on-boarded within 30-days of our initial discussion. That is an amazing turnaround and we were able to secure a large dollar multi-year Professional Services agreement with a retailer where the asset was stationed at their headquarters. At the end of the day, I left that company and brought Brandon and his contacts with me to my current firm where he just signed with us to recruit for (2) positions. There are recruiters who sell you and then there is Brandon at Top People USA that has local, national and global reach that takes his time to fully understand your needs and sets proper expectations from the onset of the relationship.
Chris Wyller
Chris Wyller
16:47 20 Jun 18
Top People provides excellent IT, Engineer, Finance, Accounting, Sales and C-Suite candidates to us for years. Great company to work with!
Jill Driver-Lindsey
Jill Driver-Lindsey
11:04 25 Jun 18

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Over 10 years national IT recruiting experience.

Quality > Quantity

We build partnerships by providing quality candidates.

Zero Exclusivity

We never ask for exclusivity for any of our services.

Worldwide Expertise

We work with organizations and candidates internationally.

No Hidden Fees

We never hide fees for your staffing candidates.

Candidate Guarantee

We guarantee a replacement for all of our recruits.

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Our Expertise

Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. We maintain strong industry network ties & specialize in professional recruitment.

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  • Mining & Engineering
  • Healthcare Staffing

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We are specialized recruiters who focus on Mining and Engineering, IT Recruitment, Professional Recruitment and Healthcare Staffing. We are also considered the best IT Recruiters in the business. Top People USA works with organizations worldwide. We currently operate from two headquarter offices to help sustain our international work. We have an Asia Pacific office in addition to our North American office. Our North American office is located in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States, while our Asia Pacific office is located in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.

Nationwide Recruiter Expertise

Even though we are located in Tennessee, many of our clients operate in various  locations across the United States, making us a nationwide IT recruiter.

We have experience in the top industries with the top candidates in the market. Our work has made a positive impact on companies large and small all across the globe. Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary staff, we provide quality candidates - not stacks of resumes. Our priority is to send you potential employees. Our business operates under a policy of full transparency. We do not hide our fees on contracting and temporary staffing candidates, and we are transparent about our profits, so there are no surprises when it comes to working with us. We make this commitment because we are serious about building a trusting relationship with our clients. We strive to build that relationship into a full partnership with each and every one of our clients.

We are a Top Tier Recruiter...

At Top People USA, we pride ourselves on our consultants’ in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. Our owner has specialized experience in IT software languages, WAN/LAN Engineering, help desk support, project management, network development, solution selling, pre-sales and distribution. With such experienced owners, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong industry network ties because we strive to recruit not only locally in Nashville, but nationally and internationally, as well. Our level of technical understanding sets us far apart as an IT recruiter. This knowledge allows our services we surpass other area IT recruiters. Not to mention our contacts allow us to search for hard-to-find technical expertise both domestically (USA) and internationally.

We are Your Go-To for Professional People

There are times when you have a very special corporate or executive position to fill. You don’t need to panic during these hiring times, as the Professional Recruitment at TOP People USA serves as the HR business partner that you can trust to find a successful candidate that matches all of your job requirements, the personality for the role, and even fits the culture environment blend for your organization. When it comes to filling top positions, however, the clock can run out quickly. Be sure to call TOP People USA today before that perfect professional candidate is hired by your competitor!

A Reputable Healthcare Recruiter...

In addition to our wonderful tech reputation, we have earned a top spot in the Healthcare Staffing industry. This is all due to our ability to deliver quality physical and occupational therapists, nurse managers, practitioners, and more. Our candidates have helped meet a diverse range of needs for our clients in Nashville, as well as abroad. As a company active in the healthcare recruiting industry for years, we partner with clients across a wide variety of professional medical establishments including hospitals, private clinics, surgery centers, nursing homes and more. Let Top People USA prove ourselves and become your healthcare staffing partner. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

And a Specialized Mining & Engineering Recruiter...

But wait, there’s more! Along with Healthcare and IT positions, we also specialize in recruiting for Mining and Engineering positions in Nashville and worldwide. Some of these positions include mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, and civil engineering specializations. We have considerable expertise in expatriate recruitment, which involves a deep rooted understanding of the management of global operations, cross-cultural management sensitivity, challenges of work in remote locations, & lengthy family separation. Our consultants have a full understanding of everyone’s unique needs. We also understand that having a career in the mining and engineering industries can present many challenges; therefore, we work very closely with our clients and candidates in order to better understand their specific needs. As with any job placement, it is imperative that we invest the necessary time to understand the client’s operational culture.

All Under One Roof!

You may be thinking that it’s too good to be true, but Top People USA can help make a huge difference in your organization! Whatever your specific business needs may be, you can count on us to work closely with you to get the right candidates in your door. Our desire is to establish a long-term relationship with your business. Trust is built by combining personal service to clients and candidates, in addition to providing full financial transparency. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your staffing solutions – whether it’s for our top IT Recruiters, Healthcare Staffing, Professional Recruitment, or Mining and Engineering.

Plus, We Guarantee Our Candidates!

Although our process is designed to position your organization with the ideal candidates, we understand that no solution is 100% fool-proof. Because of this, we offer a replacement guarantee relevant to the seniority of the position on all candidates. We strive to ensure that our work is thorough and that the guarantee will not be needed, however we recognize that no selection method can be flawless and therefore we offer a guarantee period in order to minimize your risk and create confidence in your partnership with us. We minimize the risk of the need to enact a guarantee by 1.) utilizing our main selection tool; which is behavioral interviewing, by discussing candidate behavior from their previous employment 2.) thoroughly checking references and creating reports for our clients 3.) requesting to sit in with clients on interviews to ensure consistency and 4.) communicating regularly with both clients and candidates even before/after the mention of a guarantee.

We look forward to building a partnership with you and your organization starting today! Contact us to get the ball rolling.