We offer a replacement guarantee relevant to the seniority of the position on all candidates. We try to ensure that our work is thorough and that the guarantee will not be needed, but we recognize that no selection method can be flawless. A guarantee period is offered to minimize your risk with this process.

To minimize the risk with our agreed guarantee period we:

  • Utilize our main selection tool, which is behavioral interviewing, by discussing candidate behavior from their previous employment.
  • Thoroughly check references and create reports for the client.
  • Request to sit in with clients on interviews to ensure consistency.
  • Communicate regularly with both client and candidate even before/after the guarantee.

It is important to continue regular contact with both you and the candidate during and after the guarantee period. This allows us to identify any issues that may arise during the probationary and guarantee period. This ongoing contact is part of our value added service.

In the event the guarantee has to be enacted the work will be done for no fee. If any travel or other charges are required then they will only be incurred after you agree to them.

For more information contact info@toppeopleusa.com