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We offer recruitment expertise in the Mining and Engineering industries (manufacturing, construction & civil).

mining and engineeringTop People USA offers premier Mining and Engineering recruitment services. Our national clients encompass a range of fields. In addition to construction, manufacturing, civil, mining and engineer recruitment covers specializations including mechanical, electrical, chemical, process and civil engineering.

We have considerable expertise in engineering recruitment which includes a deep rooted understanding of:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Civil

A career in the engineering industries can present many challenges; therefore, we work very closely with our clients and candidates to understand their particular needs. As with any job placement, it is imperative that we invest time to understand the client’s operational culture. To be an effective mining and engineering agency, Top People USA prioritizes candidate fit and effectiveness. Clients need employees who complete projects on time and on budget, and potential employees who are a fit in terms of skills and culture.

As you seek engineering recruiters, know that TOP People USA can add real value, regardless of your operation size. Top People USA merges these factors with a positive attitude to forge a successful relationship.

Our Construction, Manufacturing, Civil, Mining and Engineer recruitment extends  with companies throughout the USA. Top People USA is the specialized recruiter for your staffing solutions in these areas nationwide.

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