We love our clients and our clients love us. Check out this testimonial video from David Trainer, the CEO of New Constructs regarding his experience with Top People USA. And just in case the video doesn’t load properly, we have included the transcript below.

Top People USA Testimonial Video

David Trainer: Hiring good people is important for any business. It’s critical for a small business like ours.

Speaker 1: Welcome to Top People USA. Transparent open professionals providing recruiting services worldwide. At Top People USA, we specialize in Information Technology, engineering and mining, executive placement and healthcare, specifically for nursing, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

Brandon Sentell: We’re successful at Top People because we create partnerships with our clients, and that’s what we’d like to do with your business.

David Trainer: They’ve proven to be an excellent extension of our own efforts. Their interests are highly in line with ours because they take the time to understand exactly what it is we need and can represent that in the marketplace.

David Trainer: And for that reason, they’ve helped us find good people when no one else has really been able to really help us find good people.

Brandon Sentell: The first step of the process is to sit down and to understand the skill set that you require and understand what the environment is like in your organization.

Brandon Sentell: I was actually, frankly, quite surprised at how great a job Brandon did in finding people for us. And we now use him on a regular basis.

David Trainer: Once you’ve decided on the candidate, we’ll conduct a thorough reference check treating this with the same importance as an interview.

Brandon Sentell: Finding good people, especially in the technology space is something I have always found to be very challenging. It’s been one of the primary challenges of running my business. You really can’t work with anybody in the recruiting space or hiring space in technology unless those people really understand technology because otherwise, they’re going to get bamboozled by the guy who’s the best storyteller as opposed to the person who’s really best for the job.

David Trainer: The top in Top People stands for transparent, open, professional. This is because we don’t believe in hiding any of our fees whether it be with contract or permanent placement.

Brandon Sentell: We’ve been able to get a lot of value from Top People USA. The value that we’re very pleased with and it’s helped our business grow and helped our business be efficient.

David Trainer: At the end of the day, we want you to feel like you’ve received value for using our services. That’s important to us.

Eric Steidl: I found the job I was looking for. He worked as a go-between, helped me get the best deal I could. As a matter of fact, he had told me he had gone through several candidates and so they were actually very picky. They were helping me negotiate a better a deal than I would have got on my own. The very good job was a step up for me and I’m very happy.

Eric Steidl: My name’s Eric Steidl, I was very pleased with the experience I had with Top People and I’d recommend them to anybody.

David Trainer: Everyone at the Top People team takes pride in what we do. Give us a call and let us prove ourselves.

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