How do tech professionals find a good job in the market today? Surprisingly enough, Randstad Technologies conducted a survey of tech professionals. This survey found that almost 90% of that professionals they surveyed, in the tech and IT industry, indicated that they would potentially use a recruitment agency to find a job during their search.

If you are familiar with the IT job market, you may be surprised by these results. After all, the IT market is booming. However, tech jobs are quickly piling up and being left unfilled. There are far more vacant jobs than there are skilled professionals around to fill the positions. With this in mind, you may think that IT professionals would have an incredibly easy time accessing a large number of hot, exciting job opportunities. So, why doesn’t this seem to be the case? Well, it all starts with how the employers themselves approach filling these jobs. Increasingly, companies are becoming more and more frustrated with their struggle to fill these essential tech jobs. Relying on their internal HR team and in-house resources seems to leave them short of employees. Because of this gap, the companies are turning towards recruiters to assist them in filing their highest priority tech jobs. This means that job seekers must be willing to work with recruiters, as well. Since that is where they are more likely to find high quality jobs that they can succeed in.

The role of digital media

There are many employment resources available in the career search today. Things like job boards and social media networks are widely used by both employers and job seekers. Particularly LinkedIn is a popular and efficient tool for job positioning. However, these tools still require a significant investment from the employers in order to be effective recruiting tools. Time and money is poured into sourcing and screening candidates, which can turn out to be quite the time waster for companies. Especially companies with compact HR teams. HR personnel can also struggle to understand the exact technical skill set and qualifications that are required for each tech position, as they aren’t particularly trained for IT recruitment.

Because these hurdles exist in digital media recruiting, employers are choosing to skip online job posting and opt for a recruitment service instead. When external tech recruiters are chosen, companies can rely on the focus, tools, and skills they have to perform the candidate seeking task at its optimum quality. Likewise, performing this arduous task on behalf of the internal recruiting teams can provide exemplary relief for the HR members. Again, this all feeds into the ability of recruitment firms to be the gatekeepers for many of the best technology jobs available in the market. This means that recruitment firms are the ideal place for IT professionals to find a diverse selection of exciting job opportunities.

Moving at the speed of innovation

Technology is constantly changing in the modern world. Every industry is susceptible to this constant change and innovation. However, the IT industry is influenced by the pace of technology change more so than any other industry. There are brand new tech specialties constantly emerging in areas like DevOps, Big Data, cloud computing, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and other emerging fields. This has made it especially difficult for companies and their internal HR and recruiting teams to keep up. Subsequently, employers and recruitment teams are finding it much simpler to let a recruiting firm take over the candidate search. Recruitment firms already understand the exact technical qualifications needed for success in any particular tech position. They also specialize in filling jobs in the industry, therefore they have an in depth understanding of what particular skills and certifications a great candidate must have. Not to mention they are in the know with trends in the labor market, as well as already have the necessary connections with great candidates.

A partnership that benefits everyone

Another great aspect of working with a recruiting firm is that it is a true partnership. Professionals that are seeking jobs are becoming increasingly aware that choosing to work with a recruiter leads to a collaborative relationship benefitting both the candidate and the recruiter. When professionals in the IT field work with recruiters, they are able to actively leverage the considerable capabilities of a large recruiting firm to gain access to a large network, which leads to a plethora of opportunities they wouldn’t have found by themselves. There are also bonus services that job seekers can take advantage of when working with a recruitment firm, including: interview prep, resume writing, and career coaching. On the flip side of the coin, the recruitment agencies benefit by sharpening their technology specialty and building a direct network of emerging talent in the hottest IT fields.

Perhaps ironic in some senses, the intense demand for IT talent has further complicated the method that job seekers must use when seeking out new opportunities. Most job seekers aren’t equipped with the necessary skills to properly assess their fit with a particular company and to choose a role that best suits their career goals and personal aspirations. Ultimately, when all of these aspects of the tech market add up, it should be no surprise as to why IT professionals are indicating that they prefer to work with IT recruiters in order to find their next role. IT professionals recognize the gaps in their job seeking knowledge and seek out qualified IT recruiters who have the ideal skill set and knowledge needed to help them find a job that best suits their own strengths and skills.

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